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The Himalayan Momo Experience

Using a timeless century old recipe closely guarded by the Prasuma family for generations, Prasumas’ ready-to-eat Momos are an improved modern reinterpretation of the Original Himalayan Momos.

Made with premium ingredients and no preservatives, and crafted Himalayan-style with thin wrappers that allow for the perfect balance of flavours, these bite-sized treats are full of flavour and easy to prepare.

Today, Prasuma is bringing this timeless family recipe and blending it with Japanese innovation to revive the original taste of Momos.

steam momos
chicken momos

We Know What Makes a Great Momo

Great Momo is about texture as much as taste. It’s a journey for all the senses.

Fresh, High Quality Ingredients

bacon meat

Delicate Thin Wrapper

Momo sheets

Deliciously Juicy Filling

momos at home

Preservative Free

pan fried momo

Explore our Range

Prasuma Momos offer bite-sized packets of joy filled with fresh meat and vegetables,
so that everyone can enjoy this delicious Momo at home or in parties.

How to Cook

Prasuma Momos are fully cooked and ready to heat and serve out of the pack or be prepared to your liking!

Microwave Momos

Ready to Eat soft and juicy Momos to be served in no time.

Steamed Momos

Enjoy the hot and healthy experience with every bite of steamed Momos.

Pan Fry Momos

Grab a bite of hot & crispy Momos fresh out of the pan.

Deep Fry Momos

Fall in love with every bite of our crispy thin deep-fried Momos with premium filling.

Delightful Recipes

Acquaint yourselves with the endless possibilities of Prasuma Momos

Just tried out your momos! THEY WERE REALLY TASTY! Making momos at home is such a tedious task, but these were so easy to make!!!! Best momos I could have asked for during lockdown


Out of all the Momos I’ve tried, yours is the best and I’m not going to try anything else anytime soon.


In love with these! Have been eating for breakfast lunch and dinner😍


Tried all and loved all the flavours. The veggie ones are so great, especially cause it's so rare to find great veg momos.


Tried your Momos for the first time today, and I am a FAN! Incredibly juicy, delicious and fantastic quality. So happy I can now buy packs and have them anytime.


When my friend recommended your momos to me, I thought it'd be good enough by frozen momos standard. But no, they are some of the tastiest momos I've ever had.

Soumya Srivastava

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